March 16, 2013

Cafe Blue Fairy: Ball Jointed Doll Cafe

Behind the busy streets of Hongdae, in the backalleys that are dotted with indie cafe gems, there lies one quiet little haven that looks like it has come straight out of an anime. Two large blue bay windows are filled with pale, beautiful glassy-eyed dolls and you can hear soft, melancholic piano music filtering out into the quiet backstreets of Hongdae. Welcome to Cafe Blue Fairy~

Blue Fairy is a popular Korean BJD brand and the creators of the company also wanted to set up a cafe to display their beautiful dolls and allow patrons to spend time with them before making their purchases or for new-comers to become initiated into this fragile world. 

Inside, you'll find a clean, elegant room filled with plants and glass displays. Like the atmosphere suggests, there are also all sorts of cute and elegant drinks. I ordered the Jasmine Rose tea~

Drinks and food are on the pricey side. But so is the rest of Seoul. You pay for atmosphere.

pretty rosebuds were floating in my tea <3 

Don't be nervous about taking photos in the cafe! The servers don't mind and they actually expect you to! I took so many great photos of the dolls :) 
Here's a few of them (the rest will be at the bottom of this post. Feel free to look at them!):

love the ominous atmosphere of this photo :) 

cute boys <3

starin right at me :<

creepy/beautiful as fuck :D

sleepy dolls <3

A brilliant combination of beautiful, fragile, and a tad creepy, Blue Fairy dolls are exquisitely made and you can buy outfits, shoes, body parts (lol) and accessories here: 
creepy staring eyes TT^TT

tiny shoes <3


Along with doll pieces, you can also order dolls here. Overall, this place is a great treasure find for people who love BJDs and those who wish to gain some peace and quiet in the afternoon with friends. 

The downside: 
I wasn't particularly charmed by the server. I heard that there is more than one, so I'll definitely come to this cafe again to see. But the lady who served me seemed quite cold, especially considering the fact that I busted my ass trying to find this place (it took me over an hour...really.), only to sit outside for half an hour, because she went on a snack break. She isn't rude, more like she's like a brick wall. Nothing particularly warm and inviting in her persona. She only became friendly once she realized I'd be coming around again....

Honestly, if you can't speak Korean, you won't find this place. I speak Korean and I still couldn't find this place without wandering around for over an hour. I would sincerely go with a Korean friend or with a person who has been there before. Really, you won't be able to find it otherwise. 

Obviously, if you have a phobia of dolls, you shouldn't go here. Duh. 

Otherwise, I would recommend this place. I think theme cafes like this is very unique to Asian culture and should be experienced firsthand. This place has a great atmosphere, and their choice in delicate, melancholic, at times, almost sorrowful piano music is a perfect touch. 

Please go see for yourself!

Here's a map for those who wish to go (must know Korean): click here~

<3 Q린

PS. please do not use any photos w/o my permission. Thank you.  


  1. I think you should put a logo or a watermark on your awesome photos. They're really nice which I'm sure would make them more tempting for some photo grubbers :P

  2. Those photos are so pretty! I actually haven't seen a lot of bjd brands besides the volks ones from japan. Too bad the server lady wasn't so friendly! I hope she's nicer next time haha!